I trained as a traditional tibetan artist since i was 18 years old. I now have over 22 years experience of thangka painting. I studied under the late great thangka masters, Amdo Jamyang and Sangye Yeshe in Mussoorie and Dharamsala respectively.<br> but view the gallery to see what else i've been doing along my journey<br>Image taken c 1997 Always playing guitar in my spare time, I enjoy playing, singing and composing music, and recently in 2011 managed to finally fulfill my dream of recording a CD. For more info please click on 'First Music CD!Image taken late 1980's" src="about4.jpg"> ¤ Set against the backdrop of the build up to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, this thought provoking exhibition opened in Dharamsala and covered some sensitive topics in tibetan society today.<br>I worked on this exhibition for 3 years and had to learn a lot of new techniques along the way, but overall a very rewarding experience. A culmination of 2 years work launches the first Tibet - A Living Tradition exhibition. One of the first exhibitions by tibetan artists. Pictured here in front of venue - Holiness's temple at Dharamsala - a proud moment for me. After the screening of his film of 'Fire under Snow' I arranged a reception for Palden Gyatso, human rights campaigner, to meet Bristol MP Stephen Williams, over a plate of momos.<br>left to right: Ugyen Norbu, Palden Gyatso, Stephen Williams, Ugyen Choephell. 2009 Group photo - Palden Gyatso, Stephen Williams, Philippa & Katey (Tibet Society), Ugyen Norbu (translator) and Bristol tibetans & friends Leading prayers for the missing & detained Tibetans following mass protests inside Tibet, with Tibetans and Amnesty Group Bristol College Green was the scene, to highlight human rights concerns within China as the Olympics was given to Beijing I now run a business selling tibetan arts and crafts, which helps to support my exhibitions and art, and also supports my tibetan suppliers in India, Nepal and Tibet, as well as promoting tibet in general.  To help, please visit www.thangka.co.uk Originally i used to take photos to capture paintings and events but now i enjoy the artistic side of it. All the images on the home page are my photos from around the world. This is me today - hopefully there'll be more to add in future

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