journey of a Tibetan artist .... Ugyen Choephell
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Contemporary Art Gallery

Traditional Thangka artist since 1989, but now enjoying the freedom of contemporary art style here in UK.

Art by Ugyen Choephell
The Future ?   A hope that people may become aware through the situation of Tibet of what the future may bring if business is the only politics of the future. Painted in 2003
Mandala by Ugyen Choephell
Contemporary Mandala   Painted in oils.
contemporary art by Ugyen
Every stone has its story   Inspired by the railway embankment we used to live next to.
eyes of buddha by Ugyen Choephell
Compassion   The eyes of Buddha look down upon the world and weep fiery tears of compassion for the havoc we have made of our planet. Painted in 2003
self centred world by ugyen choephell
Self centred world view   Painted in 2004 to contest the view that we consider ourselves to be at the centre of our world.
Justice - Artwork by ugyen choephell
Justice   The balancing act between law and justice.
Interdependence (mother and child painting) by Ugyen Choephell
Interdependence   Exploring the buddhist concept of interdependence - depicted here through the many words that make the whole image
Up? - Art by Ugyen Choephell
Up ?   Which way really is up? Challenging the strict concepts and labels of our world. All things are relative and interdependent.
Game Over -Art by Ugyen Choephell
Game Over   Analogy of the politics of the UN with China as a permanent member can veto any issue it seeks to avoid - like the Tibet issue.
Emptiness -Art by Ugyen Choephell
Emptiness   Underlying concept of buddhism, emptiness means the absolute, the underlying potential that allows all relative concepts to arise.
Art by Ugyen Choephell
Art by Ugyen Choephell
Art by Ugyen Choephell
Art by Ugyen Choephell
Art by Ugyen Choephell
Family tree -art by Ugyen Choephell
Family Tree  

All images (C) Ugyen Choephell