Latest addition to the nomadic tent exhibit - highlighting some of the issues around forced resettlement for tibetan nomads today Range of Ugyen's art and installations. In association with Brighton Tibet Support Group & Tibet Society UK The Venue was Tsug Lha Khang (His Holiness Temple Dharamsala), inaugarated by Ven Alak Tsaye (pictured) who was Minister of Religious Dept at the time, this was one of the first times a tibetan artist had exhibited their own works. 2 years in preparation, this was the official start of tibet - a living tradition Doboom Rinpoche and Lokesh Chandra open the exhibition in New Delhi, with due ceremony. The Victoria Rooms transformed tibetan style, entry into the thangka painting section. This was the culmination of a series of exhibitions i organised touring around the South West, together with monks from the Tharlam Monastery. The Sand mandala is ceremoniously dismantled and the grains returned to water, here at Chalice Well, after the festival ended in Glastonbury One of the aims behind my Tibet Arts Festivals was to bring the art to life.  All venues had live creation of sand mandala and butter sculpting by tibetan monks, and all visitors were encouraged to join in - pictured here are some of their butter masterpieces Visitors at Bristol enjoying prayer flag printing and butter sculpting At each venue, the monks from Tharlam Sasang Monastery created a sand mandala.  Here it is at day one. Mrs Takla, Office of Tibet's representative in London opened the exhibition. Tasters of tibetan butter tea on the occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday, drunk in traditional black yak hair tent of the nomads of western tibet. <br>This tent was stitched by my family & relatives who had a wonderful time recalling their nomadic life in Tibet, but under a hot south indian sun. Samdhong Rinpoche, the then Prime Minister of the tibetan government in exile attends the opening of my exhibition of digital art in Dharamsala in 2007.  Seen here looking at my vision of the future tibetan prime minister on a state visit to the US My son demonstrates the art of tibetan butter tea making with a drongmo in the nomad tent for the benefit of the local press, with youngest one drinking it. Part of a 3 artist exhibition in Oxford, exploring the representations of Tibet as a place, a society and an idea.<br>My traditional and modern art was on show as a view from tibetan exile. Following a week of creating a sand mandala in the Wesley Chapel in Bristol, the procession through the town centre to the river for dispersal. New generation tibetans experiencing the life of a traditional nomad. London Tibetans enjoying the traditional nomad tent and belongings Sand from the mandala created at Bradford on Avon is sent back to the river, amongst crowd of onlookers. I was honoured to sent by Tibetan Gov in exile, from India to Warsaw to demonstrate thangka painting alongside monks who were creating sand mandala. Excited family on the steps to Wembley, on the occassion of His Holiness Dalai Lama's visit to London, my thangkas were exhibited inside the Conference Centre. Me and my wife preparing for the preview of my thangka exhibition held in the Electric Mountain centre, Llanberis, North Wales, shortly after moving to Wales Here i am demonstrating the art of thangka painting in Warsaw, with a Chinese onlooker, reportedly a spy according to some ! I took my thangkas to Paris for the Festival of Tibet and the Himalayas The coloured sand used for the mandalas and latterly in my sand art workshops is hand coloured - here is a lot in the drying process in my living room A modern application of a traditional art - using the basic philosophy of the tibetan art of sand mandala creation, i adapted it to enable a practical experience of this ephemeral art and to practise the art of non attachement! Ambitious in a tent with watercolour paintings in the british summer but as always Doris was fantastic - and the sun shone too!

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