Prayer flag messages to the world

Flags made at the exhibition, and versions of the online flags, are currently flying, passing on their messages of love and peace, somewhere on the border with Tibet at 18000 ft !
 Summer 2013 saw all the flags from the exhibition and online be hoisted at 18000 ft near the border with Tibet  sending their messages into Tibet  Khardung la pass, 18000 ft  Phillip, England, Carer  Sarah, West Wales, Life an ongoing journey  Clara & family, Leigh on Sea  Jeff, The Garnock  Loopy Orange Lady, 3rd rock from the sun  Janette Woolley, Banff, Scotland, Retired Farmer  Terry Oldham, London, Tattooer  Tenzin Mila, London  Annie, Kingston, Jamaica  Ian, Bristol  Chris, Luton, UK  Tashi, USA  Irene, Bristol  Anastasia Stephens, London, Journalist  Jayne, England, Carer  Su B, Heart of Gloucestershire  Helen, Calne, UK  Ama la Jan, UK, Local Govt Officer  Kathryn, Bristol, Student of Life  Neira, Oxford, UK  Lobsang Dechen, Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, UK<br>Disabled housewife and mother  Techung, USA <br>one of tibet great singer,  Lyn, Manchester  D&P, London  David, London  Devanjali (Sue Wardle), Stroud, UK Lobsang Laki, Niedersachsen, Germany <br>Mother, Nurse, Practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism  Francesca, Cyprus  The Naughton, Manchester, England  Cl Blessman, Kassel  Gillan & Yasmin, London Sara, Paul and Dylan, Nottingham, UK Andrew, Aylsbury, Bookseller Rachel Pamela Elizabeth Carro, Essex, England<br>Visionary Artist Matt, Midlands, UK Jean Tighe, Kent, UK<Br>Professional Psychic, supporter of Tibetans, Buddhist practitioner Tenzin Chodon, Elgin, Scotland<br>Systems Analyst Claire Higham, Ely, UK Deb, Chipping Sodbury, UK Brahmaloka Das, England Kunsang Gyaltsen, Boston USA. Rosanna Riva, London, UK. Launce & Crab, England Carol, Glasgow Jan Hooper, Gloucestershire Liz Rowley, Arthog, Wales Pema Lodro, Surrey, UK Peter Hodgkinson, UK Veronica, Uruguay Unknown Angel, Brighton, To all brothers and sisters of Tibet<br>
Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.  And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom.  A man cant ride you unless your back is bent....<br>Tekusang 2012 Yeshe prayer flag message, written by yeshe Age 12. Flag by Ugyen Choephell Prayer flag message from Pippa in north wales Prayer flag message from Susan

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