journey of a Tibetan artist .... Ugyen Choephell
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Thangka artist since 1989, here are some of my thangkas.

With immense gratitude to my teachers and their patience, the late Master Artists Amdo Jamyang and Ven Sangye Yeshe.

Close up of Vajrasattva thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Vajrasattva   Close up of Vajrasattva & consort. Vajrasattva is the symbolic face of purity and forgiveness of past sins.
Detail from Mahakala Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Mahakala   Painted in 1998, this is Mahakala, an emanation of Chenresig (compassion) used by practitioners who need a more forceful image to help practise overcoming the negative emotions such as jealousy, hate and anger.
Thangka of Amitayus
This is an example of a 'mar thang' or red thangka and depicts Amitayus who represents eternal life
Thangka of Maitreya
Maitreya   The Buddha of the future, here painted in silver with details burnished in.
Buddha Sakyamuni Thangka
Buddha Sakyamuni   Classic depiction showing Buddha Sakyamuni, the buddha of our present era, obtaining enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. Painted in Men Nying Style.
Thangka of Guru Rinpoche
Guru Rinpoche   Depiction of the Buddhist master, Guru Rinpoche, who brought the teachings to Tibet in the 8th Century.
White Tara Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
White Tara   The personification of compassion and longevity of life, White Tara is bestowing blessings.
Yellow Tara Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Yellow Tara   Wishfulfilling Tara bestowing blessings, painted for meditational use with simple background.
Buddha with disciples Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Buddha with Disciples   I painted this in 1995. It depicts Buddha Sakyamuni flanked by his two main disciples.
Gold Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Chenresig   Embodies the principle of universal compassion to all sentient beings.
Green Tara Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Green Tara   Symbolises the principle of practising active compassion to all sentient beings.
8 forms of Guru Rinpoche Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
8 Forms of Guru Rinpoche   A Thangka depicting the different manifestations of the 8th century buddhist master, Guru Rinpoche.
Menlha - Medicine Buddha Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Men Lha - Medicine Buddha   Dark blue as lapis lazuli, used for curative properties.
Milarepa Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Milarepa   Detail from meditational thangka of the mystic, Milarepa.
Rinchen Sangpo Thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Rinchen Sangpo   I painted this for a monastery in Purang, Western Tibet. Modern thangka in the 11th century style of the region.
Detail of Buddha head from a thangka by Ugyen Choephell
Buddha   Detail from a thangka of Buddha Sakyamuni.

All images (C) Ugyen Choephell